The following resources have been compiled for the purpose of facilitating research when exploring potential services, discovering new opportunities or browsing for ideas when planning. Some programs may have specific criteria, program requirements for admission or fees for services.

Check out the websites for further information, as some agencies and programs have more services than listed here or a program may no longer be available.

If you have a resource to add to the list or would like to report an inactive link, please feel free to leave a message on this blog. 


Start Here  ­čá× List of Direct Referral Resources

List of Direct Referral Resources includes: 

  • Directories and local multi-service agencies. 
  • Programs with registration options on the agency's website. These programs have rotating schedules of programs offered therefore check monthly for new offerings.
  • Websites with multiple service topics and types. 

Additional Resource Links to Specific Programs

Community Engagement


Assistive and Supportive Services

 Medical / Health / Wellness



Specialized Services and Supports


Guides / Tools / Training

  • Guides/Tools/Training
    • Resource Guides
    • Training Documents, Tools and Video Links
    • Miscellaneous Articles  and Documents

Disclaimer: Links to websites operated by other entities are included for research purposes only.  This blog makes no representation regarding the content or accuracy of any other website, which you may access through this blog.

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Furthermore, private and some not-for-profit providers are not funded by the government and therefore are not subject to regulated Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) oversight, such as compliance inspections or service expectations that government-funded service providers must adhere to as part of their service contracts.

As per MCCSS's website's recommendation regarding Third Party Providers: 

"You should connect directly with the service provider to fully understand and assess what is being offered. You should consider the following factors when assessing a private or for-profit service provider:

•    Quality of the service
•    Associated service policies (for example, insurance coverage and hiring practices)
•    Any associated fees
•   Whether the service provider and service are acceptable to them and/or meets their personal needs

For information about whether a service provider is government-funded, speak with your local Developmental Services Ontario office and/or the service provider."

All information collected for the resource list was gathered through community sharing and research.  All copyright regulations should be followed as per the website’s listed policies.

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